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Daniela Buchanan

Body Work Practitioner

Daniela is a Certified Bodywork Therapist with a Diploma from Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, an Alberta Massage Therapist with a 2200 hour Diploma from Turner Institute of Orthopedic Massage, Reiki L1 practitioner, and is in the process of completing the Botanical Skin Care course through Herbal Academy.


A creative, quiet, and empathetic soul who knew from a very young age her calling was to help people. Born in the mountains of Colombia, and being raised so close to mother earth, she has always had a special connection to nature, animals and the metaphysical.

In 2012 after some soul searching and connection, massage and bodywork came into her path, and she answered the call.

In 2021, herbalism piqued her interest and it only seemed natural to start learning about the body's ability to heal on the outside, as well as the inside, with herb and plant allies.


Practicing the art of massage since 2013, Daniela integrates her knowledge of bodywork, energy work, massage and nature, fine tuning her approach to encompass different modalities that assists everyone in their unique healing journeys as a whole.


She strives to provide a safe, compassionate, and welcoming space for all to come and unwind. Her approach to bodywork and massage is slow, precise, and intentional, helping you to connect with your body so balance can be restored, and the physical, emotional, energetic bodies harmonized. Her goal is to bring you relief from pain, help you move better, and to ease your body into releasing anything it may be holding on to, while simultaneously coming home to yourself.

In her off time, she loves spending time in nature, reading, moving through yoga, dance, and exercise, painting, embroidering, and continuously taking new courses that expand her knowledge and education.

Daniela looks forward to meeting you and aiding in your healing journey!


Please note, you will not be able to bill through your insurance company

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