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BIG NEWS soon!

Summer is such an amazing time! The flowers are in bloom, the beach is calling, and the air is smokey.

Now's the perfect time to spend an hour inside, relaxing on the table. You can decided between Massage, Reiki, or maybe both back to back!

Reiki sessions are open this week and Massages are booking two weeks out.

Speaking of massages, are you someone who:

  • Has used all their current coverage for the year already

  • Doesn't have insurance coverage

You're going to want to message us right away! Send us a message with the word "COVERAGE" and we will put you on a special waitlist!

And once Summer is over, then comes the celebration months! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Our 1 Year in business, Christmas! We love the comfy, cozy vibes that come along with the later half of the year. The hoodies, the toques, the warm drinks. We can't wait!

Are you a fan of fuzzy clothes? Are you a natural celebrator? Do you like to recieve gifts and have a great time? Then stay tuned for updates about some big things we have planned!

P.S Make sure to tell your friends and family so they don't miss out! All they have to do is visit our website and subscribe to our Self Care Club.

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